Monday, 29 November 2010


SHOP has been busy amassing plenty of Christmas presents for you! There is a whole party dress section for the ladies and Christmas jumpers and even a pair of cuban heels for the gents. If you don't wear clothes then SHOP also has new homeware, books, games and other gifts for you!

Below are a few sample pics:

Christmas Jumper!

Christmas Cuban Heels!

Tate and Lyle golf jumper.

Royal Paddock Wax Jacket

Sheepskin coat, just the thing for this weather! And selling secondhand cars.

Pretty film star lady (haven't managed to actually figure out who it is yet)

Awwwwww, 'Peg' the cat!

A caribbean sunset, just the thing for this weather ... oh, used that line already.

Piccie frames.

Cocktail anyone?

Rabbit piggy bank.


Handmade beaded dress

Black spangly 80s cocktail dress

70s coloured spangles dancing dress!

Yellow lace ballgown, just what you always wanted!

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Treasure: Private View

Thursday night saw the opening night of 'Treasure', the new exhibition in SHOP's arts space. The show is about one person’s junk being another’s treasure. The work displayed is diverse in style and materials used (painting, mixed media collage, screen prints and 3d work), but held together by the common theme of treasure.

There was plenty of very good cake and the work is pretty dash good too. The show is on until the 8th November and we strongly recommend a look.

Zine Club: Review

The first Zine Club took place in SHOP's lounge on Thursday. Everyone came with an open mind and a different take on how the evening might transpire: some wanted to read the Zines, SHOP wanted people to read the Zines and then submit a review to the Zine Library blog and yet others had even higher aspirations.

As the 2 hour meeting unrolled, the idea for a collaborative Zine arose, as did the idea for setting up a Zine and Comic Market. There were lots of exciting ideas discussed and we will keep you posted for sure of all developments. Or, if you would like to get involved in either the Zine or the market, then get in touch with SHOP.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Buy Nothing Day - 26th November at SHOP

SHOP will be closed on the Friday 26th November for Buy Nothing Day. Apologies for any inconvenience, business resumes as unusual from Saturday at 11am

Monday, 22 November 2010

Wholemeal Breadmaking WorkSHOP!

Saturday saw SHOP turn into a Micro-Bakery for the afternoon to the delight of passers-by and visitors who took part in the WorkSHOP!
Lynda wowed everyone with her quick and simple techniques on bread making and even had time to demonstrate making peanut butter, oat cakes, lemon curd and soup, while the bread was in the oven!
She's a wizard in SHOP's makeshift Lounge/Kitchen!
Meanwhile outside SHOP free sample chestnuts were handed out, in preparation for the Christmas Artisan Markets on the 4th and 18th of December!
All in all it was a very tasty day!

Monday, 15 November 2010

Exhibition: UWE Graduates Group Show

The new show at the SHOP arts space is a group exhibition by 2010 graduates from UWE Bristol Drawing and Applied Art Degree.

Helena Janeckova
A selection of drawings inspired by the evolutionary process and current ecological issues.

Rosie Freeman
Intuitive abstract prints using bold colours and pattern inspired by an interest in sacred geometry.

Ellie Spafford
Drawings inspired by nature with a focus on species preservation and the fragility of the natural world.

Gregory Champion
Abstract sculpture using haptic and kinetic manipulation of material.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Daughter Music Vid Filming in SHOP

A rainy Friday morning was very much brightened for SHOP by an illuminating email which we found to be waiting for us on opening up. It said this:

Hello Shop,

Apologies for the unsolicited email - my name is Matt and i run a small digital music PR company up in Redland. We work with a range of artists including Mumford & Sons, Johnny Flynn, Bombay Bicycle Club and a handful more. You can find out a few details on us here -

This is a strange request but I love your shop so much that i wanted to check and see if it's something you'd be interested in. Basically, tomorrow we are in Bristol with one of our artists - Daughter (Elena Tonra). She's one of the artists from the Communion folk movement in London (Mumford & Sons label) and we are filming a number of unique impromptu sessions with her in some of Bristol's loveliest places.

You can check her out her. She's pretty ace:

I wanted to drop you an email to see if you'd potentially consider the idea of us filming a live track in your wonderful Shop at some time around lunch time? It is basically just Elena, myself (holding a mic) and Tom (our video guy) so it's not a huge set-up. We'd need about 10 - 15 minutes (max) and would be looking to film one of the songs from her new 'Demos EP'.

Like i say, it's a bit of a random request but i thought Shop would be utterly perfect for Elena and represents everything that i think is so ace about our city. I'm not too sure if you'd consider it - i appreciate it might be a wee bit of a distraction from your primary task of being a shop, but i just wanted to have an ask!

Here's an example of Tom's work:

Thanks for reading this far down!



Well, we never said that flattery wasn't everything and so we quickly dropped Matt a mail back to say come on down and they did and here's some pictures

There aren't too many pics, as we had to be very quiet during filming to make sure Elena's beautiful voice was recorded correctly and SHOP's camera is about a zillion years old and makes a lot of noise, but rest assured we'll be updating the blog when the vid is released and the 'SHOP sessions' are born!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Home From Home Month: Knitting 'drop-in' WorkSHOP

What better way to spend one of the coldest nights so far of the strangely autumnal/wintery November than at our cosy Knitting evening.

SHOP provided the hot chocolate, hot water bottles, blankets and slippers for the knitting and pearling. Aaaahhh lovely. Becky provided the expertise. All provided X-Factor grumbles.

Next one November 22nd 5-7pm!

Home From Home Month: Tea Party

With the market hustle and bustle outside on the Steps SHOP provided the perfect respite with a charmigly relaxed tea party.

With a selection of fine teas, scones, jam and cream and soothing tunes from the record player, passers by soon found themselves putting their feet up for a few minutes just like they were at home.