Saturday, 9 April 2011

The return of Soft Cabaret!

Are you having fun? Well, are you?!

Ever considered what it would be like to be a love-sick goal post?

Happy smiley audience.

Crowds amass before the second half begins.

Escapology (No not the Robbie Williams album)

Action shot

"Are you sure they are tight enough? Don't mash his spuds!"

Never be Bard from the Steps

For those of you who have yet to experience the wonders of Soft Cabaret, you genuinely are missing out.

Returning to SHOP, the Bard of Windmill Hill and Fakir Darren again had us rolling in the aisles (ROFLing to younger readers) with their intelligent poetry and comedic performances, respectively.

The Bard opened the nights entertainment regaling uswith poetic tales on the theme of 'time', from love sick goalposts to naughty knobs. Darren followed up with feats of human escapology including passing himself through a metal coat hanger (!!) and releasing himself from an over sized straight jacket.

The second half of the performance saw the Bard take the stage once more. We were treated to more 'romantic' offerings, a running theme with the Bard, where the question of how we would make love if we were crocodiles, or say penguins, were offered. Darren's second half performance took a less energetic, yet no less enjoyable turn as he imparted his impressive historical knowledge and stories that induced modern tears (of laughter).

We really hope they they return again soon!

You can catch them very soon as Soft Cabaret take part in the Folk Festival at the Colston Hall over the May Bank Holiday!

Friday, 1 April 2011

April at SHOP - No Foolin!


We have had to think really really hard about fluffy kittens on shelving to get over the trauma of our flood...YES, YOU HEARD RIGHT FLOOD! April showers poured in from the flat above and drowned our little SHOP in at least quite a bit of water. Luckily we had a lifebouy out the back and a dinghy to make our escape on and everything is now back to business as unusual.


Sunday Girls
SHOP is going a hardcore 7 days a week, with Sunday opening starting in April and hopefully onwards! Pop by for a Sunday meander and say hello to our lovely volunteers Leila and Asa.

The Easter Bunny
SHOP's favourite fictional charater the Easter Bunny is hopping into town again this month. We take Easter very seriously down at SHOP and need at least a few days of to fully concentrate on the gluttonynous.

Easter opening hours are:
Good Friday - 12pm - 4pm
Easter Saturday - 11am - 7pm
Easter Sunday - CLOSED
Easter Monday - CLOSED


Christmas Steps Artisan Market
Saturday 2nd April – 11am – 4pm

This monthly market runs every first Saturday of the month throughout the year. You can expect the wonderful teetering charm of the artisan stalls and the same high standard of beautiful crafts and wares as always, as well as the lovely shops and cafes surrounding the market.

To book a stall email:


Soft Cabaret
Friday 8th April – 8pm – £5 /£2
(or whatever you can afford)

Soft Cabaret is rolling into SHOP again in April, headed up by the Bard of Windmill Hill and Fakir Darren. We are once again looking forward to a quite ridiculously funny and touching mixture of sonnets, storytelling, stand-up and some dubious magic! Not to be missed!

37th Chamber
Saturday 10th April – 7.30pm onwards – £2

The regular 37th Chamber Film Night at SHOP - expect the usual grindhouse and kung-fu classics from these Arts Space regulars. Look out for their new Zine coming soon too!

FFI: Search ‘37th Chamber’ on Facebook

Record Club
Tuesday 19th April - 7:30pm – 10pm

The aim of the night is to play 2 or 3 long play records and to really appreciate the music. These records might be old classics, forgotten gems or brand spanking new. The records are usually nominated by the people in the club (via a comment on the blog or our twitter account) and voted on in the week before the night.

However! The third Record Club is slightly different. ‘How?’ We hear you cry! Well, to celebrate and support Independent Record Shop Day, we are asking people to buy a brand spanking new piece of vinyl and bring it along on the night (with proof of purchase!). All those who have bought a record will then make a short speech in support of the record before a vote on which two to listen to.

SHOP will be open at 7:30 and we’ll aim to start playing the first record at eight. Feel free to bring some nibbles and drinks along.

We Robot
Saturday 23rd April – 11am – 7pm

As part of The Love Of It’s programme of events for Pay It Forward Week, SHOP is getting together with good friends and community-colleagues Tenderfoot to create a Robot World in the arts space!

Come along and fashion your robot alter-ego out of all our bits and bobs and help make a robot utopia!

Easter Egg Hunt
Saturday 23rd April – 11am – 7pm

SHOP’s annual Easter Egg Hunt takes place in SHOP all day on Easter Saturday.

Come and hunt for the choccie eggs hidden around SHOP and scoff them immediately on discovery! Try to get a good amount smeared around your face for added comedy value.