Monday, 29 April 2013

Monday Stock Blog: The BIG furniture with the little homeware.

Since we started regularly stocking furniture, at the beginning of the year, we've had our eyes and ears open, honing our side-board spotting skills and sharpening our finding of nests-of-tables in haystacks.  It's been a learning process for us here at SHOP towers and we're pleased to say we've found some gold over the past few months (and we do say so ourselves) and the large pieces we've got in this week are no exception.

We've also got a couple of bits of homeware in...   

The Owl and the ... lamp ... and the book.


Blamanche all round!

Side-board, drinks cabinet and handsome with it!

Dining table - complete with 'choose your own adventure' breakfast scene.

S-s-s-s-s-s-s-stereogram! Yikes!

SHOP likes this:

Friday, 26 April 2013

Event: Speed Languaging!!

This Thursday, just gone, saw the first Speed Languaging evening at SHOP ... and it certainly won't be the last!

The workSHOP was run by CSAQ resident and good friend of SHOP, Karen Stokes and is based on the concept of 'Speed Dating'. Confident English speakers and those wanting to learn, are given separate coloured name badges and then during a timed period (marked by a bell to stop and start) chat to another member of the group (with the opposite colour name badge) using only English.

The emphasis was on fun and there was a forum for best joke and a prize for the best listener after a small quiz. If that wasn't enough, Karen also provided a shedload of delicious food for free!

We really hope these evenings will become a regular event on the SHOP calendar.

Exhibition: UWE Drawing and Applied Arts Group Show!

April saw the 'Micro-Exhibition Series' from UWE's Drawing and Applied Arts students take over the Arts Space.

The exhibition changed completely midway through the month, as students from the course "took it in turns" to showcase their practice in miniature.

Nicole Mwaby

Jessamy Edwards - Rosie McLay - Sally O’Neil

Rebecca Worthington - Sophie White - Jessamy Edwards - Rosie McLay - Sally O’Neil

Jessamy Edwards - Rosie McLay - Sally O’Neil - Richard Parker - Cassey Ireland - Emma White 

Monday, 22 April 2013

Monday Stock Blog: Women's Clothing, Homeware and Furniture!

We've had a really rather impressive re-stock this past week and YES! we do say so ourselves!

After saying goodbye to the wardrobe we had to get some things in to fill the cupboard-shaped hole in our hearts. The women's department was feeling neglected after the men's big re-stock recently, so that had to be addressed. And we got some more homeware because we wanted to.

Here's the pictoral evidence of the aforementioned things and that...


Bag it up!

Put the RAVE in Travel with these C-R-A-ZEE Travel mugs!

That green is so butterdicious for yer!

More wicker: wick 'n' mix available a SHOP!

We know SHOP's hot etc...

Skirtainly looks good to me.

Yes, but don't call me skirtainly.

Wee ashtrays.

Evil tea brewed here.

*Best mirror in the history of SHOP ever claxon*

If waistcoats aren't "in",they are NOW!

A spring vest - light yet woolly!

A summer vest - light!

Not a lovely picture of a lovely skirt


And Nice!

*Insert joke of your choosing about British Summer here*

Monday, 15 April 2013

Monday Stock Blog: A bit'o Homeware and Accessories

Just a wee blog this week, but more stock is arriving this week and over the next few weeks too!  All the way from Paignton, via Madrid, oooooh what an intriguing combination! Country-gent meets Matador, perhaps?!

Tea for Two (ducks)

Oh Roy, oh Roy is that your hat?!

Jaunty ghostly jelly-fishy lampshades!

More ace 70s patches


Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Monday Stock Blog: Baguette it Up!

SHOP went to France this weekend and all we bought you were these not at all lousy pieces of stock!

DISCLAIMER: This blog contains terrible jokes and even more terrible attempts at French

Tres bon! Fancy coasters

Is that your 'at? C'est bon on your 'ead

Stripy braces! Onion necklace comes free.

We've had a shell poodle, we've had a shell rabbit - now we have a shell puppy!

Make these bon candles! Zut alor!

Oh la la, travel games - old skool stylee!

These are actually from America, but bought in France (don't think about the food miles)

Deux petit clutches s'il vous plait!

A bag du magasin!

These are belts!

*gasp!* How did this one get in here?!