Monday, 25 October 2010

Brawny Gods Just Flocked Up: Private View

Saturday saw Tom Berry's first day in the exhibition space at 18 and the evening saw a very lovely soirette to kick off the week in good spirits.

Sis Berry provided amazing canapes and a keg of cider made sure that everyone was very complimentary about Tom's work... not that the cider was necessary of course! Tom's illustrations are painstakingly detailed and everyone was duly impressed. So much so that little red stickers began to appear all over the place...

The exhibition is on until Saturday 30th, so why not come down and see for yourself?

Tile-y stylee piccees

Con-cider it sold

The cold was no match for the collective body heat.

The tee-shirts are rather nice too.


Monday, 18 October 2010

SHOP's 4th Birthday Party!

SHOP was bursting with pride to have reached a whole 4 years old on Saturday 16th. We celebrated the day in usual SHOP style, by which we mean we were highly juvenile - as befits a 4 year of course.
We had oodles of cake and fizzy pop, SHOP was prettied further up with birthday balloons and bunting and to work off some of the sugar-infused energy we played Ping Pong in the lounge.
When evening came, it got, well ... more juvenile. Black Lace provided the soundtrack to such games as Pass the Parcel and Musical Statues!
It was definitely SHOP's most poignant and more importantly, fun birthday yet. We're now looking forward to 5.

Retro Ping Pong!

Eddy hid his secret Ping Pong skills cleverly for over 60 years, just waiting for this day.

Party Poppers, not poopers!

Super-dooper fast ping pong and an *ahem* unbeaten rally of 34.

Paulo's makes a wish on the chocolate and ginger birthday cake.

Our beautiful tea-cake-tastic birthday card from Daniel and Matty

It might look like a wake from this outfit, but we assure you it was a birthday.

Paulo disproves the theory that serious sports cannot be played in multi-coloured tights.

Night time = Black Lace time

Friday, 15 October 2010

Exhibition: 'SHOP' by SHOP

SHOP is a Social Enterprise (Community Interest Company), so we are not-for-profit. The surplus money SHOP makes from selling vintage clothing and homeware goes back into supporting a variety of Community Arts events.

On the 16th October we will be celebrating our first anniversary of becoming a Social Enterprise (and our 4th birthday overall!) so have put together a two week long exhibition to celebrate a year of Community Arts at SHOP and to give you a little peek into what we have been up to in our first year.

Each month has a theme around which the events are planned, so you will notice as you look round themes as diverse as Nature to Psychogeography.

Here's some pics, but it's better if you come and have a look..

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Peace and Unity by Paulo Da Silveira

The first official exhibition in our brand new proper art space at number 18 saw SHOP Club Member and friend Paulo Da Silveira well and truly takeover: wall to wall and ceiling to floor - basically he covered every available inch of space with his 'Peace and Unity' prints.

He also ran paper-making and printmaking workshops throughout his exhibition that went down very well with visitors to the exhibition, some people even came back at least twice!

Paulo managed to charm everyone who came, he sold some work and got an interview with a local magazine! He left us with some printed bags, which went down well with our customers too.

Just don't ask where he was for the last two days.

Friday, 1 October 2010

It's Our Birthday, Month - Newsletter


Whoop whoop! You’ll never guess what? SHOP is only 4 years old on the 16th October! Like an old scab that keeps catching, we’re managed to hang on in there.

This birthday is especially special, as it also marks our first anniversary of becoming a Social Enterprise. So accordingly we’re feeling particularly cheery and have invited lots of people to help us celebrate by putting on a stack of Community Arts events. So just get over it, okay?

The events should be illustrated… yes, below:



Peace & Unity by Paulo DaSilveira
4th October – 9th October 11am – 6pm FREE
Exhibition and free ongoing workshops on papermaking and monoprinting with Paulo DaSilveira.

11th October – 22nd October 11am – 6pm FREE
That’s us! Showing the best bits from our first year as a Social Enterprise working on Community Arts. Including the results from Psychogeography Month’s Counter Tourism event. Also feed the feed me box with birthday cards which will be displayed in SHOP.

Brawny Gods Just Flocked Up by Tom Berry
23rd October – 30th October 11am – 6pm FREE
An exhibition of 25 original drawings penpointed by Tom Berry.


Art Club
5th October and 19th 7.30pm – 9pm £5
Making things what we are told to make, Task Me Up.

Life Drawing
12th October and 26th October 7.30pm – 9pm £5
Naked people in a shop to draw.



Christmas Steps Arts Quarter Artisan Market
2nd October 11am – 4pm FREE
The monthly SHOP-organised Artisan Market returns. Local makers sell their wares in amongst the other independent traders of the Arts Quarter, in the charmingly irregular setting of the Christmas Steps.


SHOP’s 4th Birthday Party!
16th October 11am – 7pm FREE
Cake, fizzy pop and party games all day at SHOP to celebrate our 4th birthday!


Friends and Neighbours Meeting
13th October 6pm – 7pm FREE
FAN meets monthly at SHOP, the second Wednesday of the month at 6pm. FAN means, Friends and Neighbours and it’s a chance to meet to talk others in the community.



Halloween Special!
30th October 7.30pm – 9.30pm £2
The regular 37th Chamber Film Night at SHOP is going all Halloween-y! So accordingly, expect a Japanese zombie rock n' roll musical with UFO's, what else? Dress up in 1950's style rock & roll and/or zombies to follow the theme of the movie. Prize for the most fancy-dressed and watch out for the zombie door man and zombie usherettes!

FFI: Search ‘37th Chamber’ on Facebook


Arts Space!
SHOP’s extra Arts Space, through the secret door into number 18, is now officially official and ready to be rented at very affordable rates, email for more deets at:

Don’t forget you can upgrade your Shop Club membership at anytime and support the ongoing arts programme of the SHOP Social Enterprise. Become a SHOP-per for a £5 donation or a Hot SHOP Member for £10 a year. Each affords you big discounts too! And if you become a Hot SHOP Member, you also get the opportunity to join the Advisory Board for SHOP’s arts programme. Email for the deets again at

That's all for this month and if you can't think of an appropriate present to buy for SHOP's birthday, don't worry we will accept cash.