Thursday, 28 February 2013

March Newsletter: Tasty Tuckers, Art Lookers and Easter Fluffers!


Apparently, this little one (below) will go toe-to-paw with anyone who isn't a little excited by our events and news - don't be fooled by the fluffy costume: she's a cold blooded killer ... of ice cold hearts that is!

There's no need to get all eggy this spring at SHOP, so sit back while we have a written word in your shell-like!





11AM - 6PM

From March, SHOP is delighted to announce it will be the order and collection point for new Bristol micro-bakery, Tasty Mother’s Tucker!

To celebrate, come and taste the TMT goodies on Saturday 1st and learn how to bake at home!



11AM - 4PM

In the last Artisan Market until Christmas, on Saturday 30th March, from 11am – 4pm, the beautiful and intriguing Christmas Steps Arts Quarter, in keeping with its reputation for independent artisan traders, is hosting a choc-tastic Artisan Market on the unique Christmas Steps themselve

Grab your stall for just £5!  More deets below...

To book a stall and for further information, download a form here.



Flower of Life

By Paulo Da Silveira

March 4th - 30th

The second show of 2013 in SHOP's new-look Art Space is by Bristol 'face' Paulo.  He is continuing to explore the human form in tessalation, as a visual metaphor for peace and unity between all life.  For more of Paulo, check ut his YouTube channel:






SHOP will be closed for Easter Monday, but open as usual for Good Friday and Easter Saturday, pow!


SHOP is delighted to be the order and collection point for new Bristol micro-bakery, Tasty Mother’s Tucker!

From the 4th March, orrder fresh, home-baked goods here at SHOP and collect from 11am the next day. 

You can choose from products such as:
*Whatever you fancy!

(all veggie and vegan) 

Exhibition: The Sound of the Life of the Mind

The first artist taking over the walls of SHOP's Arts Space in 2013 (in it's new form, as part of the new SHOP layout), was Bristol-based Brett Atkinson. His wall pieces created in electrical tape attracted lots of people to the space, including a fair few interested in the No More Page 3 campaign, which his largest image was in support of.

Here's what Brett had to say about his work in the exhibition:

“How do I it?” (I’m asking on your behalf – you’re welcome!) I use electrical tape to draw with. I started drawing with electrical tape because when I was preparing for my first ever public exhibition – fourteen years ago – I had no money and I just happened to find some laying around. I still have no money, a theme that I’m pleased to say has stuck, and electrical tape is only 62p a roll (my show cost £2.48 and there’s tape leftover for next time). I make this point because I know people think they don’t have the time or money for creative pursuits. It’s not really about football, but it does feature ’Ka-Powell!’, after it was kindly voted for by people from the football Twitter-sphere - where I exist in an internet sense.

Adding the finishing touches...


As part of the new Arts Space arrangement, SHOP also asks exhibiting artists to fill out a short questionnaire.  Here is Brett's:


Why is creativity important to you?
There’s a lot of time when I’m not eating and sleeping – why would I want to waste any of it on things that don’t matter?
Tell us about your show:
The title is a slightly pretentious way of saying, “some of the stuff of my life”, and is stolen from the lyrics of a song that I’ve been listening to a lot recently, so it fits quite neatly. I draw football things mostly, I hate The Sun newspaper and I love my cat Casey more than she will ever understand.

Where can we find out more about your work?
I’m a football blogger (who isn’t?) and regularly post new pictures on my site
'No More Page Three'


'The Sound of the Life of the Mind'



Monday, 25 February 2013

Monday Stock Blog: A little bit of what you fancy does you good!

This week we've got a little bit of everything to show you (well, except Men's - but they've had loads recently!)

Ps. How many Brett's can you spot in this blog?!

We heart wicker right now!

Lovely little wicker cabinet!


Cardies: Good trans-season staples.

Spangles: Good ALWAYS!

Lots of jewellery and accessories

Need we say more?!

(see above)

Slinky black tux stylee women's shirt


Caseload of women's scarves

Monday, 18 February 2013

Easter Artisan Market on the Christmas Steps - Book a Stall Here!


On Saturday 30th March, from 11am – 4pm, the beautiful and intriguing Christmas Steps Arts Quarter, in keeping with its reputation for independent artisan traders, is hosting it's Easter Artisan Market on the unique Christmas Steps.

Come along for a lovely afternoon and experience the wonderful teetering charm of the artisans’ stalls cascading down the Steps, showcasing the high standard of beautiful crafts and wares – everything from cakes to taxidermy, original art works, handmade instruments and beautiful accessories, providing you with the perfect opportunity to pick up local, handmade and fully unique Easter gifts presents.

To celebrate Easter, there will also be an Easter egg hunt in and around the Christmas Steps and the artisans' stalls!  And if we can clear it with health and safetly, some egg rolling too!

If that weren’t enough, there are many other artisan traders and businesses in this unique and beautiful site in Bristol’s city centre, as well as great places to eat and drink.

A busy Valetine's Artisan Market in February

When was the last time you took a walk down a different street?  The Christmas Steps Arts Quarter consists of eight unique streets in Bristol's old city, lined with independent shops, art galleries, bars, cafes and more than a few surprises, where artisans and creative traders work side by side to keep this diverse corner of Bristol as unusual as it's been throughout its long and intriguing history.

Monday Stock Blog: Jewellery, Homeware, Stamps & new Men's arrangement

This week we're keeping it short and sweet - here's some jewellery, homeware, a stamp album and a new addition to the Men's department for you to *drool* over, we know you do .... ;-)

The ties have a new home and are categorised, yes - categorised

Men's has a shed-made record player as it's new 'shelving' unit

Mmmmm, I'd put loads of mashed potatoes in this...

Inside of stamp album ... it has stamps in it.


Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Valentine's Day Post: Brett got Daddy Issues!

We love Valentine's Day at SHOP, but that doesn't mean we celebrate the tyranny of two, oh no!  We celebrate ALL types of love.  For example, Jayne's mum still sends her a Valentine's Day card each year and we give our cat a special treat for breakfast for Valentine's Day.

You get the idea, basically we're a sappy pair.  However, Brett wins hands down when it comes to sappiest, he even cried at Neighbours! ..... when he was 26!!  He'll cry at anything lovey dovey, so on that subject below are a *SMALL* selection of clips from films that make Brett cry.

Oh, and the reason for the title of this post, is that, in the making of this blog, we found that films that make Brett cry have a propensity towards plots where children are separated from, and then later re-find, their parents.

Home Alone
Blart rating:
10/10 (gets him every time)

Life is Beautiful
Blart rating: 
10/10 (also gets him every time) 

Sean of the Dead
Blart rating:
4/10 (if feeling tired and emotional and/or hungover)

Moulin Rouge!
Blart rating:
8/10 (all the songs! The Lovers Secret Song!)

Miss Potter 
Blart rating:
6/10 (stop it Ewan!)

Brassed Off
Blart rating:
7.5/10 (Ewan again! - okay, getting worried now)

Slumdog Millionaire 
Blart rating:
6/10 (Hmm, directed by Danny Boyle, another kind of Ewan connection)

As Good as it Gets
Blart rating:
6.5/10 (Jack Nicholson (father figure) comes good in the end!)

Rocky Balboa
Blark rating:
7/10 (Adriannnnnnnnnnnnnn!)

Blart rating: 
7.5/10 (Bill Murray. That's a full stop right there)

Monday, 11 February 2013

Monday Stock Blog: Homeware, Furniture, Men's and Bits!

Phew!  You know that feeling like at Christmas when you've eaten 10,000 calories and that's just the biscuits and selection boxes before you've even started on Christmas dinner?

Yep, well your stomach is like an analogy for SHOP right now, we're fit to burst with new stock, so much so we've had a hard time waiting til Monday to share it with you!

So, here it is ... and .... purge!

Shot glasses, sherry glasses and a milk jug for the tee-totalers

Otter o'clock!

Wow! Goblin Teasmaid!

Tea's Made! And an ace tiled coffee tables on wheels

Mirror's for sale but the coffee in the reflection is MINE!

Men's jumper!

Men's cardie!

Men's jacket!

Top Shop *taps chest* Top Shop

Smiley record box

Sumer will be here soon!

Old postcards

A trio of hats

A trio of vanity items

Women's Coat - LUSH!

A trio of books