Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Coming soon to SHOP - the 24th February to be exact - RECORD CLUB!

Inspired by an article on the BBC some SHOP & friends decided to set up a record club, giving ourselves an excuse to play friends and friends we haven't met yet forgotten gems from our record collections.

So how will these nights work? There are a few simple rules already, but the aim of the night is to play 2 or 3 long play records and to really appreciate the music. These records might be old classics, forgotten gems or so brand spanking new the ink hasn't set on the sleeve.

The records will be nominated by the people in the club (via a comment on the blog or our twitter account) and voted on in the week before the night. We have no "music policy", if you love a record nominate it, regardless of genre, the records that win the vote will be the ones we play.

If the record you nominate is selected you'll need to bring it along to the club (so don't nominate records you don't own on vinyl or have lost!) and we'd like it if you'd introduce the record, don't worry it doesn't have to be anything long (just why you want to play the record, maybe some interesting facts stolen from wikipedia, you get the idea). You'll get to put the needle to the vinyl, too, try not to do a John Peel.

The first event will be on the 24th of February. Nominations for the first night are open now, so start sending in your choices. We'll open the vote on the 17th Februrary to give people a week to express their opinions. The votes will be counted on the 23rd and the proponents of the winning records will be notified by email/twitter to make sure they can attend the night and have the record to hand.

We'll be open at 7:30 and we'll aim to start playing the first record at eight. Feel free to bring some nibbles and drinks along.

Look forward to seeing you then!

*disclaimer - if you aren't from the 1950s and you don't drink milk/wear flatcaps/smoke, you may be refused entrance.
**disclaimer - the above disclaimer is a silly joke, everyone's welcome! SHOP does not accept any responsibility for any feelings momentarily hurt after reading the former disclaimer.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Happy New Year all you SHOP-Clubbers! We trust you all had enjoyable festive seasons, whatever enjoyable may mean for you.

We've had a slow start to the year, not reopening til the 7th January - but! We were far from idle, having tarted up SHOP to a-list movie starlet standards for you all.

This January at SHOP the newsletter is in-keeping with most people during the post-holiday period, that is, it's on a diet. There are a few scraps for you to pick at though and you might even find the odd bit of leftover selection box to cheer your gloomy soul. Go and not gorge yourselves...


Spruce For-Signs!
As a continution of our vast beautification of SHOP (soon she will be entirely irresistable), we are looking to spruce up our signage (see awful pun above). We want to create two new a-boards for the top and the bottom of the Steps as well, as a new sign for above the door and for the old 'pub sign' on the exterior wall.

We don't need reminding how creatively talented our SHOP Club are, as well as uneccesarily generous, so any ideas, designs, materials you want to pass this way would be very, very much appreciated!


Offers? Offers?! Come on, what more do you want from SHOP?! Remember, all SHOP Club Members get at least 10% off everything, at all times (SHOP-pers get 20% and Hot SHOP Members get 30% too, so there).

Plus, you don't need to worry about the VAT increase - there is no VAT charged on vintage! Not that we would make you pay an extra 2.5% anyway in all liklihood, as our maths isn't up to it.


Saturday 29th January

Inviting people and self-professed artists of the Bristol area to play with the internet in the SHOP! Various images and topics which exist due to the internet will be brought to the attention of attendee's who will be invited to draw and create from the topics raised.
Subsequent to the workshop, a few invited artists and illustrators will discuss with one another opinions on Internet Art. Wrapping up the day with a tidy print auction!

Have a peek at this blog by the event organisers, Bear Gami for more info as and when it arrives:


Keep up to date with all current and forthcoming events
on SHOP's website:


Coming Soon!


SHOP's regular Artisan Market on the Christmas Steps is moving from it's first Saturday of the month slot to put on a special Valentines market for all you romantics.

The Valentines Artisan Market will take place on the 12th February from11am - 4pm. More details in the next newsletter.


Bristol illustrator and mouse-fan, Tim Ulewicz's exhibition will take place in the SHOP arts space from 19th February for one week. More info from us soon, in the meantime, why not get it from the mouse's mouth, here: