Saturday, 30 January 2010

DIY - 60s Style!

Just get this shelf finished, then I'll move onto that corspe I stashed in the wall.

One Shop Club Member took the Frame Amnesty a bit too seriously.

Okay babe, I'll just get this bed built, you sew the sheets and then it's time for a shag.

Remember chaps: always wear a tie, even when you DIY.

If you ask me that one more time, I'll drop this sink on your head.

Casualty moment! Casualty moment! Casualty moment!

I'll just finish this wall, then I'll pebble dash the toilet.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Drawathon Review

The 24 hour drawathon proved to be one of the most fun events in SHOP history. Thank you to everyone who contributed, from Simon who wanted to do it and organised it, to the people who tweeted their support.
Not only was it fun, but it also achieved its aim of encouraging people to be creative, whether they draw all of the time, or haven't done it since school. Those who already draw, said being given the opportunity to concentrate on a project, or just concentrate on drawing for a set amount of time really helped their creative process (although it didn't particularly feel like that 19 hours in at 7am on Sunday morning!), whereas people who hadn't drawn for a long time realised how much they enjoyed it and how widely beneficial it can be.
Here's some examples of the drawings done throughout the 24 hour period; from Pictionary scribbles to people passing through and stopping off to contribute a drawing, to those who spent the entire 24 hours:

Stay tuned for news of the exhibition in SHOP which will display the drawings from the Drawathon and also from the Draw It Yourself box which has been in-situ at SHOP during the 'Things in Panels' exhibition this January

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Drawathon - THE END!


We did it! 24 hours of solid drawing! Wish we had more energy to be excited, but! Stay tuned for when you can come see the spoils of our labour on display in SHOP!
A little sleepy is due now...

Drawathon - Hour 24!


There's been a last minute rush of industriousness!

Drawathon - Hour 23!

10 am

Drawathon - Hour 22!

9 am

Drawathon - Hour 21!

8 am

Drawathon - Hour 20!

7 am

Drawathon - Hour 19!


Drawathon - Hour 18!


It's Pictionary, round 3

Drawathon - Hour 17!

We all work at SHOP now

Drawathon - Hour 16!


Drawathon - Hour 15!


This drawthon is bought to you by Kronenbourg ... the taste of drawing without much drawing

Drawathon - Hour 14!


Your average family portrait...

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Drawathon - HALF WAY!


It's half way and the three original drawerers who started out at 12pm today have bonded so much they have decided to start a new boy band...

Drawathon - Polaroids!

Lovely old school stylee polaroids by Bianca of wonderousness

Drawathon - Hour 12!


PC World

Miscomp 3...?

Smoo... issue 3?

Drawathon - Hour 11!


It's the 11th hour and we're ... playing Pictionary...

Drawathon - Hour 10!


Ooooooh, tease me...

Drawathon - Hour 9!


Drawathon - Hour 8!


Drawathon - Hour 7!


Drawathon - Hour 6!


Drawathon - Hour 5!


Feeding the Box!

Drawathon - Hour 4!


Drawathon - Hour 3!


Drawathon - Hour 2!


3-2-1 - DRAW! The drawathon has begun!

It's 12pm and the Drawathon has officially kicked off!!!

SHOP is going to post a picture of the drawathon every hour of the 24, so chart the under eye bags growing and drawings getting squiggly!


Thursday, 21 January 2010

Advisory Board inaugural meeting!

SHOP C.I.C's Advisory Board met for the first time last night in a secret location on King Street to discuss future events, projects and generally have a good chat about all things SHOP. Lots of exciting ideas came out of the meeting, but unless you are on the board you will just have to wait and see what they are.
If you feel like you would like to join our Advisory Board then visit our website and have a look at the 'About SHOP' section.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

New stock in....!

SHOPs shelves are now looking full to the brim after the arrival of some brand new (old) homeware and also some lovely jewellery. The mens department also got given a boost by a load of super vintage checked and patterned shirts just before Christmas. Also a special treat for this month....a huge collection of 60's, 70's and 80's beer mats.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

MotheSHOP: Vegan Wang is like totally here....

Vegan Wang has landed! Tee shirts, magnets, moustache brooches and necklaces all the way from Ohio all available in SHOP today! Shop within a SHOPkeeper Sophie has also baked the most delightful vegan cup cakes......