Monday, 28 April 2014

Monday Stock Blog: Homeware

We know what you're thinking... "May's just round the corner and what I really need is a bit of homeware to celebrate that fact and to help welcome in the Summer!"

Well, here you go...


Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Monday Stock Blog: Furniture and Bits.

We've got a couple of really nice pieces of furniture in this week, and we should know because they've had pride of place in our home for years.

Also, a couple of other bits, just because...

That's some mighty fine dining!
So is that.
Take a seat (home).
Music to your eyes.

Read them and weep (with laughter).

Still don't understand how this works.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Monday Stock Blog: A Little Mix...

Here - as the title suggests - is a little mix ... of Men's, Women's and Accessories...

Sir Mixalot

Mixy Mouse

Dolly Mixtures
Mixing Metaphors

Mix Tape
Mixed Martial Arts
Ready Mix
Mixer Taps
Mixu Patelinen
Mix Mag
Mixed Bag

Thursday, 10 April 2014

It's Goodnight From Me

... but not quite goodnight from him - yet.  Jayne here! Director, Founder and one half of SHOP along with that there Brett, and this is my last ever SHOP-blog.

In case you are wondering what I'm talking about, SHOP is currently entering its victory lap as we prepare to shut-up-shop for good.  They say that you get itchy feet every 7 years and after nearly 8 years of SHOP that's exactly how it feels.  We are lucky enough not to have been forced out by evil landlords or adverse trading conditions, we're simply ready for a new adventure - it's just the way we are.  To that end we are moving to Madrid! 

However, we're not quite done yet.  I have a one-way plane ticket booked for the next week, but Brett will remain in Bristol for some months more to find a suitable successor to SHOP, and before then we have lots of exciting stuff going on.  Including a massive sale and an entire festival!  The Festival of Football Ideas will take place in the At-Bristol Planetarium this summer (see more info here: FOFI) and will provide info on the massive sale when we have it.

Anyway, enough of the logistics, the point of this post was just to say, simply - thank you.  The last 7 and a half years (almost to the day!) have been incredible.   I know people always say the same kind of things at these times, the word rollarcoaster come to mind, but I know why now, 'cus cliches are true sometimes and rollarcoaster is about perfect.  Or perhaps, more perfect would be a rollarcoaster travelling through sunshine, storms, rainbows and hail, sometimes all at once. If I had known a fraction of what lay ahead when SHOP first opened in 2006, I would have run a fookin' mile, but I'm so glad I didn't and therefore that I went ahead blindly, yet openly.  I have learnt an immeasurable amount about myself, about running a small company, about people and I've had experiences that I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have had in any other walk of life.  I've learnt the value of relationships, relatedness and autonomy (would have been so cool if that last one began with a R).

That is just the tangible stuff, the intangible stuff I wouldn't even know where to begin. It really is kind of impossible to express and to summarise the influence SHOP has had on every area of my life, nothing has been exempt and clearly, none of it would have been possible without the people, as in our customers and supporters, as in - you!  Although at times it felt like SHOP was indeed an island, before the Christmas Steps were enjoying the beginnings of the resurgence they are now (and which I'm extremely proud to have been a part of), obviously we aren't and it is the sublime, the beautiful (and even the occacional grotesque!) that walk through our door everyday that have made SHOP what it is.

I wanted to include my favourite picture of SHOP here, but it has been packed and shipped along with all my belongings.  It is of me and Brett at the launch of SHOP on 16th October 2006 and we are standing on the red step having just cut the ribbon, I'm leaning forward to kiss Brett and he has his hands nonchalantly in his pockets (the swine!).  We look well young and when I think of that night I think of how we were on the verge of something scary and wonderful, and that is exactly - with just 5 sleeps until I emigrate - how I feel right now.  If the next 7 years are anything like the last I will feel myself to be extremely lucky and very very happy.

Well, I'll shut up now and just say again, thank you - it has been a privilege.

THEN: Our first Christmas at SHOP, celebrating with our fellow traders in the defunct Didiers, now Harry Blades and Angry Daves

NOW: Me 5 minutes ago writing this

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

We're organising the 'Festival of Football Ideas'!


What do you think about when you think about football fans?  The majority of people are likely to say the same few things.  Most people would not associate football fans with art and literature: football fans aren’t meant to read poetry, and artists certainly aren’t meant to like football.  However, with this summer’s World Cup in Brazil imminent, SHOP and a group of Bristol artists and football enthusiasts decided now was the time to put these stereotypes to bed and realise a long-held dream at the same time.  Thus, the Festival of Football Ideas was born: a two week long celebration of football, literature, art, film and music.

SHOP's Brett said of his own experience: “At art school I would often use football as a theme for my work.  However, I was repeatedly told football wasn’t an appropriate subject for art.  I used to think to myself, those people had obviously never seen Eric Cantona’s volley against Wimbledon in ‘94.  Since then, I’ve always been interested in marrying up my two loves.” 
The Festival of Football Ideas will take place in the most appropriate Bristol landmark for such an event – The Big Silver Football on Millennium Square, or as it is usually known, The At-Bristol Planetarium.  The Festival will run each night from Friday 30th May – Saturday June 14th in the build-up to the World Cup and will feature talks and performances from artists, academics, musicians, playwrights and comedians, including:

·        Broadcaster, writer and FA-commissioned poet, Musa Okwonga
·        Photography from Olivia Mann and Alison Palmer, who have been following the England Women’s Team
·        The Guardian’s Daniel Harris. Carrie Dunn and writer for The Independent and Mirror, Darren Richman
·        A DJ live sound-tracking the first round tie between Spain and Holland
·        Playwright, Paul Jenkins performing his BBC Radio 4 commissioned play, Red Star Newport.
·        Academics, Dr Jean Williams from DMU, and Dr Mike O’Mahony from UoB,
·        Experimental art-works created by Bristol-based CFPR Editions and Colourstory. 

Full details of all the exciting events are online at the Festival’s website:   

Each evening will consist of two talks, split into two ‘halves’ of 45 minutes, with a half time break – oranges are optional.  Tickets for most events will be £5 and can be booked through the website from the end of April.

The Festival is not-for profit and has been created, curated and run entirely by a group of friends and volunteers, for the love of Football and Art.  Brett again:  “A few years ago I visited the Arnolfini in Bristol with my friend and co-organiser of the festival, David Abbott.  We went to watch a double bill of football films and were excited at the thought that Art had invited Football into one of its hallowed institutions.  We looked forward to meeting kindred-spirits.  On entering the auditorium, we found there were only three other people there.  By the end of the first film, it was just the two of us left.  This experience planted the seed of the idea for the festival.  I knew there were plenty of artists and creative people who also liked football – we just had to gather them all together.”

Twitter: @Bristol_FOFI 

People who like football are people, just like us. Some of these people have other interests too. Some of them creative ones. It turns out artists like football.
Poets like football. Academics, writers, comedians and even musicians; they all like football.  Many of them even love it. Sometimes they all overlap gloriously.
Imagine. This is the Festival of Football Ideas.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Monday Stock Blog: Homewares, Wares for your Home

No need to get eggy - SHOP has all your homeware needs (chocolate)covered for the Easter holidays!

Easter Egg
Curly Wurly
Chocolate Stout
Coffee Liquer
Animal Free.
Could fit a few creme eggs in here...
Milk Chocolate