Monday, 28 October 2013

Monday Stock Blog: Books and Music - Two of Life's Essentials

Books and music = mind food

So chow down on these booklettes!

Then wash them down with a nice cup of hot steaming tunes...

(and some random pavement art)

This may, or may not, have already have gone home with us.
A book of poems about animals - this also my, or may not, have gone home with us (we like animals, OK?!)
A subtle gift for a foe.
Everyday things, like animals?
Whe ned thees
Books fans! A book fan.
"The police jam wings on Tom Jones"
"Bad Tom's hot space genesis"
These cheesy 80s postcards are all reproductions of pavement art (Note to Kids: this was what there was before 'street art')

Monday, 21 October 2013

Apple Day 2013!

This Saturday (just gone) was the second, yearly celebration of Apple Day in the Christmas Steps Arts Quarter.

Bristol Cider Shop provided the apple rolling hilarity and we did some silly games with peoples faces and that.  Normal service then.

Here's some pics!

Back by popular demand - The Apple ID Parade (what have those naughty apples been up to!). Can you guess all six types of apple?
Guess these famous Adam's by their Adam's APPLE only! Can you?
Children amass for the first round of Apple Rolling
Tasty Apple Snacks!
Apples, Games and Snacks - what more could a human being want from a Saturday afternoon in Autumn>
Ready - Set - ROOOOOLLLL! Photo by @brizzelness

Oooh, Paulito - how did you get into this blog?!

Monday Stock Blog: ACCESSORIES!

What are clothes without accessories, huh?


Mere rags, obvs.

Here are some lovely men's and women's accessories to help you enliven an otherwise dull outfit!

Jewellery face.
Portable moth house
Bendict Cumberbands
Pinny for the guy, or gal.
How's that for a cup of fried gold?!
Like my dreams: red, gold and brown.
Aztec! Get the crystal!
Patterns, patterns, everywhere.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

SHOP IS 7! Birthday Celebrations Ahoy

On 16th October it was SHOP's 7th birthday! Cannae believe it!

We celebrated in the usual way, which is to say, ate too many sugary snacks and were generally silly all day!

Here are some pics and a special birthday fillum to attest to that!

A champers cork for each year
A birthday card wot we got! Clever innit?!

Click on the image below to view SHOP's special 7th birthday fillum!

1 minute and 11 seconds of Birthday randomness! #weare7 #they... on Twitpic

Monday, 14 October 2013

Monday Stock Blog: MEN!

Men, huh? They wear clothes. And occasionally accessories.  Here are some examples of what men could wear if they were like, TOTALLY HOT! And near the Christmas Steps. With cash. Between the hours of 11am and 6pm. Monday to Saturday. Well, best make that 11ish.  Cus, we have this cat and she has emotional problems, so sometimes we're late. It's sad, 'cus she was rescued, you know?  Can't really think about, else I tear up, oh god! Tearing up - here's some men's clothes wot you could buy at SHOP this week:

This shirt may look 'average' but those three little men over the pocket are FISHING!
Classic dad-classic
Cosy AND patterned
Some crazy dude/ette thought of the idea of ties with blunt ends and the world has not been the same since. IN A GOOD WAY!
Crosy (it's a new thing - cosy and crusty in one go)
When you hear the words BRACE BRACE - adopt the brace position.
This will be empty once you visit SHOP, right? Right?!
Channel Fred Perry in this ... erm, Slazenger polo shirt, hmmmm....
Best tux jacket, like EVA.
Damn, used the caption already (see above)
Become an amateur magician by magically donning this waistcoat!
*add caption*

Monday, 7 October 2013

Monday Stock Blog: Furniture and Homeware Extravaganza!!

The Monday Stock Blog took it's summer holiday the two weeks just passed - but it is now well rested and back with a vengeance!  A vengeance is a dish best served ...... HOT!  As these pictures of new furniture and homeware will attest...

Pinky sninckerton!  50s sidetable

Back with a Venice!
Extreme close-up
Tea is a drink best served hot ... and with an owl pin cushion.
Puppies are best served fluffy and cute
Shine a light! There's nothing standard about this lamp!
Back at the adoption centre, can anyone give a good home to this family of three tables?
Seriously, you should - look at them! Black glass!
Wicker, wicker, waa, waa and rest!
A trio of glasswares
Just what are they looking at?!
This ashtray has a built-in smoke effect!!
What would Elvis do?
"Rhot Rhud Relvis Ru?"