Saturday, 30 June 2012

July Newsletter!

July is gonna be emotional for us SHOP-types, not only do we have the excitement of Independents Day on the 4th of July, celebrating all things indie (getting a tear in our shoppy-eyes just thinking about it), but SHOP Directors, Jayne and Brett, have decided to put their money where their mouths are, when they say art and creativity should be a universal persuit ... so, they're trying things on the 'other side' of SHOP by having an exhibition each in the Arts Space!


A Rock 'n' ROll Circus
  9th - 14th JULY
12pm - 6pm

An exhibition of novelty cartoons by artist Kirk Stacey
Visit Kirk's Pen website for further information.

Brett Atkinson

By a click of Paint

16th - 21st July

12pm - 6pm

An exhibition kind of about football. Definitely created by using the drawing programme Paint.

See Bifurcated for more misinformation


  Jayne Marshall
  23rd July - 28th July
12pm - 6pm

An exhibition of extracts from Jayne's novel, Currency.

Five pieces from the novel will be displayed over five walls, forming a story of their own.

See more of Jayne's work here


4th JULY (of course!)
11am - 6pm

We've been celebrating Adbusters Independents Day on the 4th of July for a long time now...

But now the global celebration of independent shops has gone local!

Celebrate Bristol Independents day by … well, shopping in independent shops! There’s all sorts going on on the  Bristol Independents website including competitions and offers from other indys!

Come into SHOP on the 4th of July and at the counter say, “Business as Unusual” and get 30% off!

Monday, 25 June 2012

Monday Stock Blog: More Summer-Wear!

More lovely summer-wear for you lovely men and women of Bristol!  PLUS, we've been going cat-gif crazy at SHOP-towers, so we've thrown in one of them too (totally unrelated, in case you were looking for some kind of point).

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Exhibition: Solstice

The Advanced Photography Class from Bristol City College are having their end of term show, Solstice, in SHOP's Arts Space this week. 

Here are some pics of the show, but you can come down and catch it in person until next week.  We spoil you, we really do:

Sarah Palmer

Sarah Jeffs

Louie Skinner
L: Louie Skinner R: Sarah Jeffs

Monday, 18 June 2012

Monday Stock Blog: Men's and Women's

It's only Monday again! Luckily there is a reason to like Monday's now and that thar reason is this 'ere blog!  For here you can gaze upon a selection of the new treasures that have made their temporary home at SHOP!

Monday, 11 June 2012

Monday Stock Blog: Women's accessories, Mens and Vinyl

Only a small selection of new things to tempt you to SHOP with this week. Still all ace though!

We've got some new women's purses and items of jewellery, a few more men's tops and jumpers and a few little additions to the vinyl...

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Monday* Stock Blog: Men Up!

As we promised, finally it's time for you stylish men of Bristol (and beyond!) to step up!  Here are some jumpers, jackets, and tank tops for you to scream like a girl over:

(*Yes, it is indeed a Wednesday - we had two days off, take it up with the Queen)