Monday, 28 June 2010

Encountering Exile Film Challenge: Filming Day 2

Filming on day 2 went just as smoothly as day one and in fact as smoothly as the whole process has gone so far! We've been very lucky with the challenge to this point and it has to be thanks to the ace crew who have given up a lot of time and energy to the challenge and also a highly organised Director!

The premiere of the film with be on Wednesday 30th at 7pm (probably mere moments after submitting it to Encounters!) and everyone is invited to see just what is possible (passable?!) to commit to film in just 30 days with a crew put together off the back of a poster in SHOP's window.

Anyway, enough blogging, time to get editing! Here's some teasers from filming on Day 2:

Chatting between scenes, looks like someone has just made a hilarious quip...

Watching the action off-shot

The costume department

Long shot from the bridge, with a glimpse of the main character on the platform in the distance...

Updating the shot list with time codes (oh yeah, get that terminology)

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Encountering Exile Film Challenge: Filming Day 1...

The Exile film crew headed out today around the Christmas Steps Arts Quarter to shoot 3 of the 5 scenes for our Encounters Short Film Festival entry.

Armed with a fancy 'proper' camera and a handycam for the two different P.O.V's (Points of View, for us 'ere professionals), the crew managed to overcome the stifling heat of one of our hottest days to get them all in the can (finish the scenes, for us 'ere professionals, keep up).

Main Character Ms. X had to wear a dark brown woollen suit all day while surviving a drive by 'shooting' and what is reported to be a really nasty look from an extra. The rest of the crew just sat around all day eating lunch in SHOP with a selection of fine sauces from the big bag of condiments (Thanks J.D Weatherspoon).

Tomorrow sees the crew making their way to Redland Train Station for the final two scenes.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Encountering Exile Film Challenge: Final Week!

So now there's only 6 days to go and we only start filming on Saturday! But fear not we have a Story Board, Shot List, a well drilled Director, Cast and Crew. Editing begins in earnest on Monday for the Wednesday deadline!

The Film, 'Exile', will feature one mystery main character (pictured below) and their relationship with their surroundings. We will be shooting the scenes from two points of view using two cameras (Oooh, get us!) and there will also be animated sections between scenes! The possibility of a soundtrack being provided by a local band is also being explored.

Please feel free to get involved still...the more the merrier!

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Encountering Exile Film Challenge: Update!

With just two and a bit weeks to go the SHOP film crew maybe short on time but are certainly not short on ideas or enthusiasm! We now have a Exile themed story with a start and an end and even a middle in the middle.

Filming starts next Monday at 7pm and continues througout the week then the final bit of a week has been set aside for editing the masterpiece together.

You can still add your acting, directing, filming or extra-ing(?) skills to the team if you have some spare time, just send us an email or pop down to SHOP on Monday. Or if you're curious as to what we come up with you could always come down to the wrap party and screening on the 30th!

Here's a couple of rare shots of the secret Exile crew:


SHOP has had a little delivery from The Stork of Vintage Clothing who has dropped on SHOP's doorstep new women's dresses (evening and day) and women's shoes.

The Stork also promised us new women's tops and men's shirts very soon!

Here's a few pics:

Monday, 7 June 2010

Artisan Market...

This past Saturday, the 5th of June, saw the second Christmas Steps Arts Quarter Artisan Market of the year take place and what a difference the sunshine makes! The glorious weather brought more passers by and also put a big smile on everyone's face!

This market was extra special for SHOP as they had sponsored a stall for a client of the Bristol Refugee Rights drop in, as part of Encountering Exile month. Robinah Yeo sold her hand crocheted childrens clothing in amongst the usual unusual mix of artisan crafts.

Friday, 4 June 2010

30 Day Film Challenge!

Encountering Exile: 30 Day Film Challenge

7th June (then throughout the month)

SHOP is very excited about this event, who knew that our neighbours were the very Encounters Film Festival peeps themselves? Well they are and they've inspired SHOP to put on a rather ambitious event.

THIS IS THE PLAN: you come to SHOP on the 7th June and have a look at a few winning films from last year's Encounters Film Festival for inspiration. Then, we set about creating a Shop Club Team, whose aim will be to create a film for the 2010 festival around the issue of Exile in all its myriad forms.

The deadline for Encounters is 30th June, so together we have just 30 days to make a masterpiece, about an important subject to submit to a very well establsished and regarded film festival.

So, who's in?!
(No previous experence necessary, we have none so you will only show us up)

Exhibition: Saman Mohammadi

Saman Mohammadi is showing six of his original oil paintings in SHOP throughout June.
Saman, orginally a refugee from Iraq is now a student in Bristol.
His paintings all have different subjects, but centre on Saman's life and background.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Encountering Exile Month at SHOP

Well, it’s JUNE already and that means a new theme! This month is Encountering Exile Month at SHOP and in true SHOP-stylee there will be plenty of unusual events to keep you entertained through the rainy season, sorry, silly billy – meant Summer.

Especially if you are a budding, or fully blooming film-maker… Ooooh, keep reading to find out more…

JUNE is also the month of National Refugee Week, so make sure you find out a bit about that too. That’s your homework for the month:


SHOP’s fledging Zine Library is not so fledgling any more, with Zine donations flying in from all over the world and press interest from some very unlikely quarters! The launch of the Zine Library will officially take place sometime in July, but for now keep spreading the word so that one day maybe SHOP’s Zine Library will be mentioned in the same sentence as The British Library. Maybe.


4th June – 30th June
11am – 7pm (excluding Sundays)
Saman Mohammadi, a refugee from Iraq, will be exhibiting his oil paintings at SHOP throughout June. They all have different subjects, centring mostly on Saman’s life and background.

Christmas Steps Arts Quarter Artisan Market
5th June

The Arts Quarter’s monthly Artisan Market, come and get your hand made choccies, frilly knickers and everything else in-between!

Encountering Exile: 30 Day Film Challenge!
Encounters Screening and Planning Meeting
7th June (and then throughout the month)
SHOP is very excited about this event, who knew that our neighbours were the very Encounters Film Festival peeps themselves? Well they are, and they visited us asking if we wanted to have a film night with them. Little did they know that they in fact ended up inspiring SHOP to put on another, rather ambitious event.

This is the deal: You come to SHOP on the 7th June and have a look at a few winning films from last years Encounter’s Film Festival for inspiration. Then, we set about creating a Shop Club Team, whose aim will be to create a film for the 2010 festival around the issue of Exile in all its different forms.

As some of you will already know, the deadline for Encounters is 30th June, so together we have just 30 days to make a masterpiece, about an important subject, to submit to a very well established and regarded film festival. So, who’s in?!

(No previous experience necessary, we have none, so you will only show us up anyway)

Fillum Clubs
8th June
7.30pm – 9.30pm
In This World
This film follows young Jamal on the long dangerous land journey from a refugee camp on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border through Iran, Turkey, Italy and France to a new life in London.

15th June
7.30pm – 9.30pm
Dirty Pretty Things
Set amongst an underclass of illegal immigrants in the gloomy streets of London, this is a surprising, highly original thriller with some very dark humour. The characters struggle to survive, taking the jobs that nobody else will in order to earn a crust and facing corruption and exploitation along the way.

22nd June
7.30pm – 9.30pm
Turtles Can Fly
Set just prior to the Allies' second invasion of Iraq and filmed on location at a refugee camp close to the Turkish border. The central character is Soran, aka Satellite, a young lad who has become 'King Rat' amongst his fellow children, a role that begins to crumble upon the arrival of two physically and psychologically scarred siblings.

Don’t forget, Fillum Club is free and tea, coffee, popcorn and cakes are provided. You are welcome to bring anything else in addition.

Book of the Month
All Month
This month’s Book of the Month, going along with the theme of Exile, is ‘Who Are We? And should it matter in the 21st Century?’ by Gary Younge. The book sets out to demonstrate that how we define ourselves affects every part of our lives: from violence on the streets to international terrorism; from changes in our laws to whom we elect; and, from our personal safety to military occupations.

A copy will be available in SHOP to read throughout JUNE, but if you would like to take it home, you’ll have to buy it from Bloom and Curll up the road.

Feed the Box
All Month
This month, feed the box with pledges of support for Bristol as a City of Sanctuary. SHOP will then submit them enmasse at the end of June.

All Month
Come get your copy of Boneshaker independent magazine for a meagre £3.50 all month at SHOP. It’s a great independent magazine about bicycling, but also about community and a collective desire, through bikes and those interested in them, to do something for the greater good.

All Month
Ever wondered about the myths around asylum seekers and refuges that lie behind the headlines? Well, SHOP has set up an interactive WorkSHOP to help inform and answer questions around the issue of Exile and to introduce new ideas such as the World Citizenship Project. There is also a worksheet on how to make a Peace Crane, please feel free to make one and we will hang it in SHOP throughout June.


Movie Nite
37th Chamber Movie Nite is holding a regular film night in SHOP, starting on 12th June. They are showing retro, exploitative, Asian and kung fu films. Search for 37th Chamber on Facebook, or just come along to SHOP at 7.30pm

‘World Cup’
There’s this things going on in South Africa throughout June and July, you might have heard of it. It’s called the World Cup. Anyway, on the off chance you have heard about it, SHOP will be screening the knock out stages – if, sorry, I meant: when, England reaches them - as an alternative to the pub, or your living room, in fact almost exactly somewhere between the two. So, they’ll be on here, just as another option for yous.

Christmas Steps Arts Quarter - Night of the Year

If there was any fear that the event wouldn’t live up to it’s title, it was certainly unfounded and the title vindicated by a truly brilliant night for the Arts Quarter.

The weather was thankfully glorious and it all went off without a hitch. The Steps were packed with people way into the small hours, all enjoying the galleries and exhibitions as well as the projections and music.

The cinema - the crowning glory at the top of the Steps - looked impossibly beautiful, with the steps themselves forming a natural theatre and twinkling tea lights accompanying the striking cinema screen showing short documentaries about famous photographers.

There is one regret, however: that we can’t do it every weekend.

Unfortunately the pics aren't as great as the night, as all street lighting had to be blacked out for the projections to take full flight:

The Cinema

Open studio at Niamh Collins Gallery

Some impromptu projections by Paolo

Street snacks

Projections and accompanying music

More projections