Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Monday Stock Blog: Back to the Furniture!

We haven't had any large items of furniture in for a while we hear you cry from your empty living rooms, as those cries echo off every wall...

And no doubt you had an 80s green leather sofa in mind, right?!

Well ...

Sofa, so green.

Make a house a home..

Your room is alive with the sound of music.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Monday Stock Blog: Men! Update Your Summer Wardobe!

Summer is *ahem* on the way and so the men of Bristol are maybe thinking about getting themselves a new this or that to wear. Maybe? I dunno?!

We've got a few t shirts in and some shirts, so, why not make them either the this or that...?

Ride 'em Cowboy!
College Dropout
Hello Sailor!
Alien Expo!
Anyone for Polo?
Check up on it!
Check me out!
Like the 80s never went away.


Monday, 2 June 2014

Monday Stock Blog: Lesser Spotted Books, Games and Vinyl

We very rarely put books,games and vinyl up on the stock blog - I don't know why, I only work here - so thought it was only right to redress the balance...

What's better than something to read, something to listen to, and something to enjoy?!

A book in time, as they say...
Five! I can only see three.
Kit car.
48s! I can only see 4s.
12s! I can only see 4s