Friday, 30 November 2012

Christmas Steps, Christmas Lights Switch-On!

This week we've been mostly risking life and limb installing the Christmas lights on the delightfully wonky, but-decidedley-dangerous-if-you're-up-a-ladder, Christmas Steps!  But, it was all worth it, as last night the third annual Christmas Steps Christmas lights switch-on took place!

We were sung and rung into Christmas in fine style by the bell ringers at St Michael's on the Mount church, and then by the children of St Michael's primary school, who sang us four lovely carols.

The 'wifi' plunger was then plunged by the children and the Steps were illuminated by hundreds of twinkly lights!

Here's some pictures of the magical evening:


Thursday, 29 November 2012

Exhibition: Wellspring Healthy Living

Wellspring Healthy Living, based in Barton Hill have been living in the Arts Space this week exhibiting and selling work from workshops run at the Barton Hill Centre.

They have also been running extra workshops whilst in the space, so it's been a busy 'ol week!

They are here until Saturday, so pop down and grab some lovely Christmas pressies as well as supporting a great project!

Monday, 26 November 2012



It's only ruddy-lovely-santi-tastic-ruddy-cheeked-christmas-jumpered-mince-pie-stuffed-mulled-cider-glugged-norwegian-pine-tree-sniffing-spangly-baulbeled-holly-spiky-tinsel-twinkly-brilliantly-awful-songs-on-loop-CHRISTMAS-TIME! 

As befits our wonderful address, here at SHOP we get very overexcitable at Christmas and we're planning on inflicting it on all our lovely patrons!

We're brimming over with Christmas cheer and Christmas events - and also some sneaky New Year plans, so have a little read below to find out more!



November 26th - December 1st

Wellspring Art and Crafts, based in Barton Hill
Festive Exhibition and Workshops
  • Homely tea cosies, hot water bottle covers & corsages - made from shrunken jumpers;
  • Unique cards - made from old books, fabric and paper;
  • Arty upcycled and vintage clothes, bags and jewellery;
  • Bright hats and scarves - hand-knitted or crocheted with donated yarn;
  • Original paintings and prints - in upcycled frames

Sarah Jeffs

December 3rd – December 8th


Kevin Jones

December 10th - December 22th




6PM - Carols
6.30PM - Switch-On!

According to tradition, SHOP will be clambouring up a wonky looking ladder once again this year to festoon the Christmas Steps with Christmas lights!

To do us proud, the little-uns from St Michael's School will be singing carols, and the bellringers will be ringing the bells, before the grand switch-on!

Mulled wine and mince pies will of course be on tap too.




11AM - 4PM

The beautiful and intriguing Christmas Steps Arts Quarter, in keeping with its reputation for independent artisan traders, is hosting it’s annual alternative to high-street Christmas shopping, the  Christmas Artisan Market on the unique and festively name Christmas Steps themselves. *
Come along for a lovely afternoon and experience the wonderful teetering charm of the artisans’ stalls cascading down the Steps, showcasing the high standard of beautiful crafts and wares – everything from sweets to frilly knickers, original art works and handmade instruments, providing you with the perfect opportunity to pick up local, handmade and fully unique Christmas presents.
There will be stacks of festive cheer with the famous Steps Christmas lights, as well as carols and mulled cider a-plenty and if that weren’t enough, there are many other artisan traders and businesses in this unique and beautiful site in Bristol’s city centre, as well as great places to eat and drink.


SHOP will be open for two Sundays in December to give you a Christmas shopping alternative to that place we shall not name ... Cabot Circus.

Sunday 9th December - 12.30pm - 4.30pm

Sunday 16th December - 12.30pm - 4.30pm

SHOP will close for Christmas on Saturday 22nd at 6pm and reopen Saturday 19th Jaunary (for more on why we're having such a long break see the news below!)




In case you're new to SHOP, we'll quickly go over the all the 'carnations:

The first incaration of SHOP was when SHOP was housed where the Arts Space is now and the part where we are now wasn't used.

The second incarnation was when SHOP moved, from there to where we are now.

The third incarnation was that we then took back the space where we were orginally and turned it into the Arts Space.

Still with us?! Good.

So, the fourth incarnation of SHOP is coming ... when we reopen our door on the 19th January - the wall, physically and metaphorically will be gone, SHOP and Arts Space will be as swan!  Sorry, I meant, will be as one!

Imagine how amazing that is gonna look!  It also gives us more room for events as well as continuing with exhibitions in a more interactive way.

We'll be tweeting and blogging through the transformation, and celebrating like crazy when we reopen on the 19th.


Monday Stock Blog: Knitwear, Homeware and Accessories!


(Sorry some of the pics are a bit blurry, the camera was having a wobbly)

Bracelets and brooches

70s and 80s 'Bristol Illustrated' Magazines

Tea cups and little green, movember-ed men for holding candles in


Lemony and lovely, 50s cardie with special buttons

Right red, 50s cardie with special buttons

Amazing pastel cardie

Beater of eggs

Whooooa Momma - Haircutting for Everyone!

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Exhibition: So Far So Good

Tom Berry has been with us in the Arts Space for the last two weeks, along with his wonderful illustrations.  The show consists of drawings from the past two years and showcase Tom's incredibly detailed drawings.  In Tom's words: "Expect miniature cities, tumbling cats falling through space and dancing gods in these bookish, hand-drawn pieces."

We were very happy to welcome him back, as Tom was our very first exhibitor when we opened the Arts Space two years ago!  Back then, our little Tom had never had an exhibition before and was tentatively staring out the road called 'Artist' - Well!  What a difference two years makes!  Our little Tom is now in demand from clients such as *ahem* just a little publishing house called Faber and Faber amongst many others (check out his www's to be fully impressed).

Obviously, SHOP is taking approximately 63.5% of the credit for his success.

If you didn't come see the exhibition, then don't you feel silly and a little worthless right now. That was not a question.  But, as we're feeling human beings, we took some pictures for you and pasted them in below:

Monday, 19 November 2012

Monday Stock Blog: Men's, Women's and Hats!

Jumpers, hats and velour trousors - what more could you ask for from a Monday Stock Blog?! Huh? Huh?! Well, huh?!



Purple, blue and red are colours that should never be without each other

This one is actually a tea cosy and not a hat - and that isn't sarcasm, it really is!

These are nice wooly hats...

Lovely autumnal pattern on this beauty

Now, no-one actually asked for velour tie dye trousors, but we read your collective minds and found there a deep desire for them, so we got some for ya!

Pretty blouson!