Thursday, 25 March 2010

New Stock For You!

The mens department has some new jumpers, shirts and a few extra surprises! There are also some new items of homeware taking temporary residence in our home/shop.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Opening Night of New Exhibition!

April is Nature Month at SHOP and the exhibition running all month is 'Rare Breeds' by Sarah Dennis.

Opening night is Thursday 1st April at 7.30pm and will be an evening of drawing for all with interactive activities from art collective 'Hot Soup' including a workshop and tables where people can make their own mini-comics. As well as looking at Sarah's lovely prints, badges, zines and toys of course.

Monday, 22 March 2010


SHOP volunteers turned models this Saturday for Clare Piper and her 'Weekend Pleasures' project.
Clare used an ace FujiInstax camera which made us look like we actually had gone back in time. Whoah!

Saturday, 20 March 2010

WorkSHOP: Letter Writing for Amensty!

Come down to SHOP today and join in with our Letter Writing for Amnesty International. We have campaign material and badges to buy too! What better way to celebrate Words and Letters month than to put them to good use by helping others!

Word Games Night!

Well if you weren't there you missed out on a treat! We had so much fun we forgot to take any pictures!

Hannah was top of the Boggle tree!

Eddy won the Spelling Bee! Altough the quiz master was very dodgy.

Matty was declared king of Taboo!

The night ended with some friendly non-competitve Countdown.

After such a lovely evening we are hoping to crowbar more games nights into future month themes.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Word Games Night!

This Thursday evening, join SHOP for a night dedicated to Words and Letters!
There will be brilliantly fun word games, including Countdown, a Spelling Bee, Scrabble, Taboo, Shake Words and more! Feel free to bring some of your own word games, or make one up!
There will be Words and Letters themed cocktails and snacks, but don't hesitate to bring your own food or drink if you prefer.
As well as ALL THAT, there will be prizes for winners!

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Words and Letters Update!

Words and Letters month is snowballing out of control! Words and letters are spilling out all over the place! The Micro Story box had been fed a regular diet of at least it's 5-a-day and Twitter has been inundated with Alternative Titles for Famous Novels! Thank you to everyone for all your input so far.

Go to our Twitter page and check out some of the Alternative Titles for Famous Novels that have been tweeted to SHOP.

Some examples below of gems from the box:

Monday, 8 March 2010

Words and Letters Exhibition

We've been having great fun at SHOP with Words and Letters this month!

The exhibition has been formed by contributions; the 'Feed Me' box has been primed to munch down 5-line Micro Stories from passersby and in addition the diminutive nature of Twitter has been used to create some even more teeny masterpieces. Each week on Twitter has a different theme, the first week was Haikus and this week it is alternative titles for famous novels.

Have a look at some of the submissions below:

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Yet more NEW STOCK!

SHOP was in need of some homeware goodies and now it has them! Lots of lovely new homeware, as pictured below.

Also lots more men's jackets, shirts and other suprises!

Monday, 1 March 2010


Winter’s nearly over - hooray! Time to start airing those feet and releasing them from incarceration in double socks and boots. The theme this month at SHOP isn’t cheesy footsies, however – but Words and Letters. Go figure. But before that, here’s some newsy titbits for you…

SHOP Birthdays

Happy Birthday to SHOP-pers, Harriet Miller and Neil Garlick this month. Don’t forget to collect your pressies, birthday people!

Bye Bye, DIY
Thank you to everyone who came to DIY events at SHOP and who contributed to the exhibition by putting their drawings in the box. It has been one of the busiest most exciting months of events ever at SHOP and we hope to continue with more and more excitement as SHOP’s time as an Arts Venue and Social Enterprise progresses.

SHOP’s website is currently undergoing a bit of maintenance and is intermittently offline. If you do catch it online it will be out of date, but please bear with us whilst we make it even better and shoppier.

If drawing-it-yourself at SHOP during DIY month ignited your love of getting creative, then why not sit and enjoy some drawing over a drink with other drawerers at a Drawing Club? Why not indeed, find out where the Bristol club meet on their blog:

Come to any of the Words and Letters events below dressed as your favourite fictional character and win a £20 SHOP voucher!

March is packed full of themed events for you - and remember they are all free to attend for Shop Club Members.

Exhibition: Words and Letters
1st March – 31st March
11am – 7pm
(Excluding Sundays)

Pop into SHOP at anytime during March and contribute to March’s exhibition by writing a five line Micro Story for the box. Stories will be displayed in SHOP and on the A-Board outside (‘a’ board, geddit?! Yeah, funny)

Also, if you are a tweeter, SHOP will be using Twitter to create mini literary masterpieces with its followers. Follow SHOP and get involved here:

SwapSHOP: Free Library
1st March – 31st March
11am – 7pm
(Excluding Sundays)

The SHOP lounge will be home to a free library all through March. Come and sit for a bit and have a read, or take a book home, or donate a book to the library - or all of the above.

Fillum Nights: Words and Letters

4th March
7.30pm – 9.30pm
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

Based on the book by Jean-Dominique Bauby - the former French editor-in-chief of fashion magazine Elle – who suffered a massive stroke in 1995 and awoke with an active mind trapped inside a dead body. His only contact and communication with the world was the ability to blink his left eyelid, a form of communication through which Bauby amazingly managed to write a memoir. Adapted from that memoir, the film is an extraordinary flight of the imagination rooted firmly in the realities of the narrator's new world.

31st March
7.30pm – 9.30pm
Set in a radio station in Pontypool , Ontario , the morning team start taking reports of extreme, bloody incidents of violence in riots occurring in town from field reporter Ken Loney. As the story unfolds, the radio staff observe the zombie-like behavior of the rioters and soon realize their attraction to speech. Eventually they postulate the possibility of viral hypnosis being spread through certain words in the English language.

TalkSHOP: Discussion Evening
10th March
7.30pm – 8.30pm
After a man snuck into ‘Women Talk’ last month and some subsequent investigation into the Friends and Neighbours charity, this month’s discussion evening will be open to all! It’s just an hour out of the month to get together and find out a little something about someone who you didn’t know before.

Word Games Night
18th March
7.30pm – 9.30pm
A funsome night of board games! What else is there to add?! Well, yes board games are extremely exciting in themselves, but for extra fun and in keeping with the March theme, all the games this games night will be Word Games. Including, special SHOP Countdown, Taboo and Scrabble. And last but not least, a real live Spelling Bee!

Throw a few word related cocktails and snacks in to the mix (Harvey Wordbanger? (Tongue) Twisters?) and it could quite possibly be the best night of your life. Oh, hang on forgot to add PRIZES for the winners! Now it really could be the best night of your life. I hope Carol can make it.

WorkSHOP: Letter Writing for Amnesty
20th March
11am – 7pm
Come down to SHOP to do some letter writing for Amnesty International, as well as finding out about their current campaigns.