Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Final Monday Stock Blog of 2013: A Extra Special Merry Mixed-Mass!!

Christmas is a time for sharing, love, laughter and good will to all... but more importantly for puns.

But remember puns aren't just for Christmas...

Happy Christmas (Hair all over)
The fairytale of new chairs!
Don't let the (telephone) bells end!
Rockin' around with Christmas tea.

Christmas time: mistletoe and wine
I saw mummy kissin' Santa Claus
Silent tea-light
Do love the red-stemmed glass dear.
Stay another day

Jingle bell rocks
All I want for Christmas is my two cufflinks
Little drummer brooch
The new born king
Does Irene know it's Christmas time.
It's beginning to look a lot like nice purse 
Simply having a wonderful Christmas tie

Monday, 9 December 2013

Merry Christmas Monday Stock Blog.

Christmas time means Christmas stock. That's how shops work - so we're told.

So, in light of that news, we have some Christmas stock for you to wrap your mince pies around... 

Vintage Dec-ho-ho-hos

Games aren't just for Christmas. (They are let's be honest)

Winterific postcards
We're mighty with the Vintage Christmas Cards this year
See above
Santea cup
One for all you dads out there
Wooly pully #Standard
Add a bit jizz-jazz-pizz-zazz to your Christmas wardrobe
Sparkle like a bethlehemian star
Representative of the leaves of  the holly bush
Representative of the berries of  the holly bush
Skirts are for life, not just for not-Christmas
Scarf - ace!
Be the envy of all your workmates at the office party - you ledge!
Stocking filler for those attached to their awkward looking Movember 'tache.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Christmassy SHOP!

It probably won't come as a suprise to regular followers of SHOP that we love a bit of Christmas!  The mince pies!  The songs!  The good will to all humankind! The stone cold excuse for excessive eating and drinking!

To that end, every year we try and make SHOP as grotto-like as possible and this year is nooooo exception!

The following pics don't really do justice to the effect in real life, or to the blisters on Brett's poor little paws after cutting out all those snowflakes!  But here they are anyway....

(Do come and visit though, and even better to make it after 4pm when the lights on the Christmas Steps will be on too.  We swear it will melt even the most scroogest of hearts.)

Monday Stock Blog: Merry Mixmasses (of stock)!

With that little thing called Christmas coming up, yea ... we thought we'd treat you to a little bit of what you like, and a little bit of what you love ... from a range of 'departments'.

Here's the pictoral realisation of the above sentence: furniture, homeware and books & games:

Blue (dabadeedabadow)
All in the detail
Little house on the plate-see
Ooooh, ducky boos!
All your grans had 'em ... we know!
A cup of  what you're drinking
Books are for life, not just for Christmas
Halloween 2014 sorted.
A very merry Christmas game of floundering
Table for sew! (pronounced like two)
If you have a Singer, sing!
The long view.