Monday, 20 August 2012

Monday Stock Blog: More Original 60s Desert and Chelsea Boots - and Underground Shoes!

Remember this very excitable post last October?

Well, unbelievably, lady luck must be a vintage fan, because she has blessed SHOP with even more amazing dead-stock ORIGINAL 60s Chelsea Boots and Desert Boots for men and women! As we said last year - moments like these happen rarely in the vintage world, when what's hot in fashion is a vintage design and then somewhere like SHOP manages to find the originals! Not only does this mean they are The Ultimate, the quality is much better than the modern mass reproductions too.

Exciting, right?

Wrong! Well, you are right, but there's MORE!

This time they have arrived with friends from the label Underground Shoes.  Underground Shoes have been around a long, long time - they were the original choice for the alternative crowd.  They are currently ressurecting some of their original desgins to the delight of people like, well, erm Rhianna.  Ours are the original designs though.

SHOP is going on a wee holiday from 26th August - 11th September, so if you don't want to wait, get down here!  We're selling them for a fashion-for-all friendly £30! 

Here are the pics - get your orders in quick because they flew last time!

Selection of Women's Shoes

Selection of Men's Shoes

Underground Platforms! (size 6 currently available)

Suede Black Desert Boots (sizes 9 and 11 currently available)

Suede Chocolate Chelsea Boots (size 9 currently available)

Suede Green/Grey Low Boot (size 8 currently available)

Underground Platform Boots (sizes 4 and 7 currently available)

Leather Chocolate Desert Boots (size 6 currently available)

Black Suede Chelsea Boots (sizes 5 and 6 currently available)

Underground Purple Velvet Platform Shoes! (sizes 5 and 8 currently available)

Patent Black and White Underground Brothel Creepers (size 5 currently available)

Blue Suede Slip-Ons (size 7 currently available)

Tan Suede Desert Boots (size 6 currently available)

Black Leather Desert Boots (size 6 currently available)

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Exhibition: Robros

Jim Billy Wheeler and his metallic friends have been camped out in the Arts Space this week.  Jim's show Robros is a series of charming illustrations about two bestest robot pals!

Here's some pics and also you can click this link for an ace animation Jim made for the exhibition:

Monday, 13 August 2012

Monday Stock Blog: Summer Wear, Accessories, Games and Rolladexes!

Monday Stock Blog!!!

Remember Landlines? Remember writing phone numbers down?!

Games for when you're on your ones

A favourite with the hipsters

Bedroom Cardie, ooooooh Matron!

We're really spoiling those hipsters this week...


Monday, 6 August 2012

Monday Stock Blog: Spectacles, testicles, wallet and watch - and more!

Iiiiiiiit's Monday, so heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere tis!

The Best Flight Bag In The World Eva

More travel souvenirs! 3D vase from Germany and postcards!
1980s Katherine Hamnett denim mini-skirt

Vintage summer reading

Erm... a men's belt and a book on outer space! All the essentials.

Fill-a-bag-for-a-fiver continues, with more additions to the bargainousness

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Exhibition: Secrets and Ciphers

This week in the Arts Space SHOP has been host to Stella Man and Jay Blackwood and their show Secrets and Ciphers.

Stella’s pen and ink drawings are a series of images and random thoughts embedded in the handmade paper.  They reveal themselves creating their own meaning. Her photographs focus in on everyday scenes, transforming them into something else.

Jay’s work is inspired by Surrealism and Outsider Art. Using found objects, toys, images and text his pieces are influenced by artists as diverse as Magritte, Duchamp and Cornell. Dark humour, the mining of repressed material, word-play, and the operations of objective chance come together in an enchanted, humorous and sometimes sinister world of assemblages and objects.

Here's some pics of the show:

Art Chat, with Stella (centre) and her work behind

Stella's work

Stella's images with Jay's sculptures

Cabinet of Jay's curiosities!

Jay's 'Dark Angel'

This by Jay is called 'Dangerous Liasons' *titter*