Thursday, 26 April 2012

Graveyard Shift: Pics!

A collective of 2nd year UWE Illustrators have got together to have a group show in SHOP's arts space this week and watch out art-world, cus they're all dead good!

The show, 'Graveyard Shift' is on until this Saturday, come and have a peek...

Jayde Parkin
Carywn David
'Those That Know, Know' Zine, various contributors
Alex Thomas, David McMillan & Geroge McCallum
L-R: Jayde Parkin, James Minchall, David McMillan
L-R: Jack Bailey and Carwyn David
L-R: George McCallum and Alex Thomas
L-R: Alex Thomas and Benedict Blyth
L-R: Brittany Molineux and Emily Nash

Contact Dave McMillan here for more info about the artists and the show.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Monday Stock Blog (on a Wednesday!): Women's clothes and more...

A few extra bits of women's clothing have found their way onto our rails this week, although, as usual, some of them are camera shy, so you'll just have to get yourselves down here and stop living your SHOP life vicariously through our blog, to check them out ;-)

Here's the 'show offs'...

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Arts Space: Stella Perrett

Stella has been an artist all her life (she is now 52) and is entirely self-taught. She believes in pricing art so that it is available to all to enjoy, a sentiment close to SHOP's heart.

Stella will be in the Arts Space until Saturday afternoon.

Stella's website
Stella illustrated all of these books

This illustration won a prize!
Stella also illustrated these children's books

Monday, 16 April 2012

Monday Stock - Women's Clothes and more!

We've only been at it again!  We just cannot help buying you all amazing new stock!  Men's, Women's, Homeware and Curios (bits, as we call them) are all fit to burst. 

Come and see for yourselves, or if you'd rather not leave the house, here's some pics:
Lovely 50s red velour dress
Another lovely 70s evening dress
Peach jersey day dress
Fluffy angora-esque evening skirt and jumper suit
Bright purple blouse!
Ace stripy skirt
Gold lame 70s evening wear skirt!
Eyyy, it's by Gina Bacconi!
Polka dot top!
Men's Gabicci v-neck!
Thomas the Tank Top
Mmmm, waffly men's v-neck!
Orginal 70s Kurt Geiger shoulder bag that also converts to a clutch!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

New Stock Blog: Loads of Homeware!

'The Monday Stock Blog on Tuesday because of the Easter weekend' is here. Maybe not the most catchy title, but it is what it is!

We have stocked up on our homeware and jewellery this week and we've also added some extra special bits...

Take a look see!

60s Tray
Spring Coasters
Flutterby patterned glasses
70s Mirror
Flutterby Coasters
Amazing 60s and 70s patches!
Shopper or Clutch?
Luggage:This fits in the Ryanair hand luggage, as if they knew.
70s Audio Books!
A tiny 50s 'Benidorm' viewfinder