Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The Longest Day

So, yesterday was the summer solstice and - without wanting to sound too much like a moaner - as the summer has been a bit shy in showing itself up to this point, I decided to take some positive action by making sure I made the most of every moment of the longest day, so even if the rest of the summer is murky and wet and when winter creeps imperceptibly into our lives again, I can at least feel like I made the most of what we had.

This is what I got up to yesterday.

04.30 - Alarm went off in preparation for the sunrise at 04.53. It was getting light already though, hit the snooze button for eight minutes.
04.38 - Hit the snooze button again

04.46 - Dragged myself out of the nice warm comfy bed (I am not a morning person) and opened the blinds so I could watch the sunrise out the window from bedfordshire. It was quite cloudy though, so it was more just watching the light grow, but that was okay.

04.53 - Once light was all around, put the radio on and snoozed on and off for a few hours.

07.30 - Got up and got ready in a relaxed fashion, as opposed to the usual mad rush due to inherited lateness gene and aforementioned not-a-morning-person-ness.

Me at my dressing table - stop that laughing at the back!

09.00 - Left home for a walk into town along the river. It was kind of blustery, but sunny and warm enough to have to shed a few layers during the journey.

09.30 -
Arrived at Watershed for a nice big coffee and beans on toast. Don't know if it was the sleep deprivation but me and Brett became philosopical in mood and did a kind of eulogy to the year past and talked about how we imagined SHOP would be before we actually had it and how the reality is different, but in no way inferior. We also talked about the future a bit until deciding that was utterly pointless and just sat there in that moment and enjoyed our coffee instead. 'Eff you future, you don't own us!

10.30 - Went for a little wander around the floating harbour, then went to buy snacks 'cus me and Brett were both still hungry for some reason. We have of late become jointly addicted to the vegetable samosas that our local shop sell, so when we saw an Indian snack platter, even at 10.30am in the morning, we decided we had to have it. And have it we did, for FREE! Brett was holding it, and holding it, and holding it, and he was still holding it when we left the shop - he accidentally twokked it, tsk tsk. Brett does this I've noticed, he finds himself holding things and doesn't know why or how. Like when we went to Scotland in February. He walked through security at the airport, joined me at the other side, looked at me, then looked down at his hand, then looked at me again, we both looked down and found ourselves gazing at a massive masonry hook.

11.00 - Opened up SHOP, on time!

The day at SHOP was a particularly nice one, no exact reason either, which seemed to add to a general atmosphere of wellbeing. It got sunnier, on and off, which helped. It was cleaning day and rather than begrudge it as usual, I took pleasure in making SHOP clean and pretty. Eddy our resident, erm ... resident came in and was in particularly amusing form with his random musings.

Eddy in SHOP in 1977 - he's sitting by the window in the women's section.

17.30 - I went home a bit early to see the cat and collect some sewing equipment, as me and Brett were going to see some friends for a solstice bbq/sewing session/band practice. The cat was in a massive HUFF because there had been MEN working in HER house ALL day! But I managed to win her round with tuna and by the time I left she was giving me face bashes.

19.00 - Came back to SHOP to 'help' Brett vacuum, but more just watched as I decided that as it was the longest day I was going to wear the shoes I bought in April and hadn't had a chance to wear yet. They are quite high. Not really sewing-machine-pedal friendly, or transit van driving friendly, but whatevs man!

Shoes pictured are not my actual shoes

19.30 - BBQ time! Our friends have a garden full of green stuff and although they are unemployed they put on luxurious spread of homegrown tasty stuff. I even ate a nasturtium! Along with more traditional BBQ foods such as hot dawgs and burgers. We stayed resolutely in the garden drinking wine and smoking cigarettes until the light finally faded to inky blue. The longest day was over for another year. NB. Brett did band practice, but I failed to sew even a stich, whoops!

My dinner

Monday, 20 June 2011

MORE MORE MORE - How Do You Like Yet More New Stock?!

Adding to the LOADS of men's tee shirts and shirts last week, SHOP now also has lots of lovely summer dresses for those Lady-type folk. And that's not all, there are new summery blouses & scarves & belts too. More homeware is also gracing the SHOP-shelves meaning that basically we are chocka-blocka FULL of new stock.

That still isn't all though! We reckon here at SHOP-towers that aside from being full to the brim, this stock is some of the best we've ever had! Our cup runneth over! There are some pics below but to see it in all it's glory requires a visit of the personal kind.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Summer of Stock!!

Here's a small representative selection of just some of SHOP's new summer stock. SHOP has men's shirts - long and short sleeved - men's tees, women's jersey tops, women's handbags and homeware!

Get SHOPping.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Turn on, JUNE-in, drop out!

Summer's officially here! Who wants to be indoors then? Not us, that's fo'sho. To that end, this month SHOP has concocted some SHOP events that you can get involved with not matter where you may happen to be, you don't even have to be within a light year of SHOP. How's that for considerate? Read on to find out more...

A Tale from SHOP

This week at SHOP, a keen-couple came in looking for a shop event that happened exactly one year ago. Sadly, they were an entire year late for it. The lesson you should take from this tale is that if you want to get involved in a shop event, then you shouldn't wait a year, cus you will be a
year too late.



We managed to frighten away our volunteers after a mere three Sundays of opening! That's quite an achievement. More news to follow on this next month...


Hitting SHOP next week will be a massive load of men's shirts and tee shirts all ready to kit you out for the summer. Women are not to be forgotten either, as the women's department will also be receiving some summer tops to be proud of.


Arts Quarter Farmer's Market
Friday June 3rd 11am - 3pm

Meet and salute local food and drink suppliers and producers in the Sugar House at Hotel du Vin.

Back Then

Saturday June 4rd – Friday June 11th

Group exhibition by:
Ross Golding
Tim Ulewicz
Ross Lovelock
Sam Ulewicz

Drawing from past inspirations amd nostalgia, a series of new work from four Bristol artists.

Exhibiton by Aliah Malik

Monday 13th June – Thursday 23rd June

Artist Aliah Malik takes over the artspace in her first solo exhibition.

Record Club

Tuesday 28th June - 7:30pm – 10pm

The Record Club aim of the night is to play 2 or 3 long play records and to really appreciate the music. These records might be old classics, forgotten gems or brand spanking new. The records are usually nominated by the people in the club and voted on in the week before the night.

You can attend from 7:30pm and the first record is at 8.00pm. Feel free to bring some nibbles and drinks along.


Right then, this is where you can get involved with SHOP and SHOP events but without all that old-fashioned 'actually having to be there' stuff! Separate togetherness is what SHOP and Woody Allen like to call it.

We're going to ease you in with just one this month, but look out for more as the months progress...

Thursday 9th

You know when you wander around and you see something that you think only you have noticed? It could be because it's unusual, puzzling, or because it's beautiful, but it kind of becomes 'your thing'? Well, we want you to take some picures and share them with us.

We'll starts you off with a SHOP example from something we submitted to a friend's website a while back:

So get thinking and then on the 9th, get snapping with the knowledge that there are up 721 other Shop Club members wandering about across the world doing exactly the same thing.

Then, send your anonymous contribution to with the subject line: 'my secret' and we'll do something special with them.