Monday, 31 March 2014

April Newsletter: SHOP in the News!


SHOP has been busy attention seeking this month!
First of all the lovely people at lifestyle blog, One Found Seven did a write-up on us, which you can read here:

Then, a little newspaper you may of heard of, The *ahem* Guardian named us as one of the top ten independent shops in Bristol!
We were particularly happy to share our place in the list, with three other businesses from the Christmas Steps Arts Quarter!
Read all about it here:



Mother's Tucker the wholemeal micro-bakery that nuzzles under SHOP's wing, now have a display on the counter. Fresh wholemeal bread, scones, tarts, and biscuits all waiting for you to take them home.

Remember, you can ask for a specific Mother's Tucker's tasty treat with us and pick them up, or arrange delivery.

The Festival of Football Ideas

Friday 30th May - Saturday 14th June
7PM - 9PM

We're organising our biggest event yet ... a two-week football literature, art, film and music festival, called the Festival of Football Ideas, and it will be taking place in the big silver football (The At-Bristol Planetarium)!
We're currently finalising the programme of events over at the website here:
Or you can follow the festival on twitter:
Or do the facebook thing here:
FOFI Facebook
Or follow the blog 'ere:

Monday Stock Blog: Summer Florals for the Ladies!

Did you see that big round yellow thing in the sky at the weekend? Did you feel that strange caress of warmth on your face? Did you pop your first freckle?

If any one of the above three apply to you then you need some summer florals for SHOP to get you ready for the summer season!

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Monday Stock Blog: Cars, Cats and Coasters

A mixture of homeware and furniture for this week's stock blog - bought to you today through the medium of animal noises...
Brum brum!
This beauty is from an Austin A35 - That's Wallace and Gromit's Car!
Oak Table. Nuff said
Ruff ruff!
Beep Beep!
*Elephant noise*
Mew mew!
Slurp slurp!
Coasters - as advertised

Monday, 17 March 2014

Monday Stock Blog: Clothings!

This week there is no gender discrimination in the Monday Stock Blog- clothes for both the menses and the womenses and those who like to wear both, at once, or separately.

Shall we just get on with it?

Yes, let's:

You won't be blue in this! (well, you will, but you know what we mean)
You won't feel yellow in this (well, you will, but you know what we mean)
You won't feel stripy in this ... etc etc
Only people with teeny tiny heads may apply to buy this hat

Monday, 10 March 2014

Monday Stock Blog: Women's Accessories!

You could always wear clothes without accessories, but that would be like wearing accessories without clothes, just wrong!

So, to that end, here's a totally ace selection of what we got in the way of accessories new to SHOP this week

What's in the bag Mary Poppins?
Three belts, three very differen styles
Bunch O'Golden Grapes
Goldie Lookin Chain
A bit of Paris in the Springtime
Savagely ace!
This scarf will go straight to your head!
Shiny, shiny, shiny clutch of pleather!
Sunshone out-dooers

Monday, 3 March 2014

Monday Stock Blog: In The Mix...

We've been gorging on piles of new stock for the past few weeks, so, here's a a little snack-sized stock blog, to avoid indigestion...  

Tie curry
Just desserts
Eat your greens
Mmmmm, danish!
Food for the mind
Tea service