Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Record Club: REVIEW!

The second Record Club revolved into SHOP last night and what mighty good fun it was too! The two records that got the most votes were, David Bowie 'Hunky Dory' and DJ Shadow 'Endtroducing'.

Unfortunately, Endtroducing got bumped due to the nominator coming down with the vomitus maximus, so a quick vote between the tied third places, Genesis 'Lambs Lie Down on Broadway' and Big Black 'Songs about Fucking' took place. Each nominator made an impassioned speech to sway the votes. Songs about Fucking won, we think this may be to do with the interest in the use of a drum machine on a rock record and absolutely nothing to di with the title.

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Here's some pics innit!

Could that be a bit of dancing?!

Discussing sleeve notes. Maybe.

Beer and nuts.

Simon demonstrates his waitering skills.

Red hot graphic turntable shot. XXX.

More record chat. Possibly.


Friday, 11 March 2011


Just a small selection of the new homeware, women's and men's clothing we've just been inundated with at SHOP!




'Ten' Screening: REVIEW!

Brighton-based Graphic designer and now filmaker, Simon Parkin bought his fascinating and inspiring film, 'Ten' to show at SHOP last night (appropriately enough on the 10th March).

It chronicled ten seconds of Simon's life for every day of 2010 and the result is a really interesting social document. During discussion after the screening, all those present decided that it had made them want to do the same thing, as it is not often we get to look at our lives quite so objectively. It also by turns made people hungry, want to go to the pub, yearn for summer - and fall in love with Simon's dog!

The first month can be viewed here: and Simon will be showing the film in other small venues throughout 2011, so have a look at the facebook link.

Friday, 4 March 2011

Lights Off, Radio On

Last night saw the lights turned down low and the radio turned up high with the airing of a BBC adaptation of Metropolis.

We all got comfy and then SHOP was plunged into darkness, as we concentrated our minds on the play. SHOP became a distopian world (hard to believe, we know!) as the play unfolded and we were enveloped in the story. We won't spoil it for you, in case you want to search it out for yourself on iplayer.

We are hoping to welcome to more plays into the darkness again soon, so watch this space...

The distopian world that is SHOP

Yet another picture of Nick on our blog, he organised it dontcha know?!

Taking care of the crunchy snacks before silence descends for the airing.

Erm ... tea drinking. In the dark. Extreme tea-drinking!