Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Newsletter: It's July and we're still here...

Possibly/Probably the last proper SHOP Newsletter...

We are still definitely going - it wasn't a trick to make you love us more - and we've just received word that the official going will involve a lot less staying than it already has (since when we first announced we were going) ... if you know what we mean?!

You've possibly/probably still got half of July to come and bring us really expensive leaving gifts, bake us some amazingly tasty goodbye goods (Vegan please), drop off cases of see you later champagne, hand over wads of thank you for the memories cash (we accept Bristol Pounds), lay wreaths, and cry loads.

Keep your eyes on our Twitter timeline and/or on your email inboxes because it's coming.

Don't say we didn't warn yous.


Festival of Football Ideas: The Final Whistle


You''ll be pleased to hear that we're going to stop banging on about that football festival!

For the two of you interested in what happened the blog has all the info:



SHOP's Last Exhibition: FOFI

Our little Art Space is now home to the 34 limited edition prints, so pop down and take a look! It will also be our last exhibition ... ever!

(You can also play table football and still get your hands on a FOFI t-shirt or limited edition Matchday Zine!)

You can see the exhibition online here too:
Football Exhibition

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