Friday, 13 January 2012

New Floor Totaliser: WEEK ONE

It's week one of the Rummage Room New Floor Fundraiser at SHOP (catchy name, huh?) and we thought we'd update you on how the New Floor Totaliser is looking.

So, brace yourselves ... just got to find the button ... where is it now?  Oh WHO SAT ON THE BUTTON?!


That's right, that's just under 25% of the total after just four days and with another two weeks to go.  Looks like that lino is going to ours, ALL OURS!

Although we're really pleased with the progress so far, there are still plenty of bargains (vintage and non-vintage) to be had.  Here's some examples of the treasures already mined for JUST 50P!!!:

  • 1970s exercise bike (still working)
  • Ikea chairs
  • LOADS of great vinyl
  • Fab old games
  • Two 50s projectors (still working)
  • Pictures
  • Jewellery
  • Books
  • Gilbert and George original exhibition poster
  • Umbrellas ellas ellas
  • Vintage dresses and coats

So get y'asses down here before the 28th January to pick up some bargains of your own!

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