Friday, 6 May 2011

We Robot!

Saturday just gone, SHOP teamed up with Tenderfoot to launch a new world! Oh yes, you read correctly. As part of For The Love of It's Pay it Forward Week of events, we created a WorkSHOP called 'We Robot'.

This consisted of turning an inanimate pile of cardboard into a new robot world complete with robots to populate it. It was kinda like a comment on community and social-inclusion, yah? But mostly it was just loads of fun.

Here's some pics of what we managed to create:


We started by creating a world for the new robots to live in. This is the robo-suspension bridge and a mercury river with mechanical fish.

Here's a city vista: robo-prison (for naughty robots!), tourist attractions like the Robo-Eye and aspirational city-living studio apartments for robo-yuppies.

The first robot we gave birth to was a pussikins, as we thought the first humanoid robot would be lonely until we managed to build another. Here is robo-kitty and her new owner Brettbot.

Following suprisingly conventional societal norms for a brand new world, we then made Brettbot a Girlbot and they immediately fell in love, probably in no small part due to the fact they were the only two people on the robo-planet (except robo-kitty, but let's not go down that route).

Brettbot then had to be furnished with employment and so we gave him a job at SHOP. Being a Community Interest Company includes members of the community who are robots as well as human. We're like that.

Brettbot then expressed a need to complain about his girlfirend and sit on the stoop with another bot, so we created Botandy for him to drink beer and scratch his nuts with (gedddit?! Nuts...)

After that, all was left was to create a belief system, as robo-kitt, girlbots 1 & 2 and Botandy all began to express existential angst. So we made a totem pole.

And here we are! The creators of the new world! All bow to our mightiness! From L- R robo-kitty, Botandy, girlbot and girlbot (in robo world women are interchangeable because to the male robots they are disposible commodities - strange how that happened again) and Brettbot.

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