Friday, 11 March 2011

'Ten' Screening: REVIEW!

Brighton-based Graphic designer and now filmaker, Simon Parkin bought his fascinating and inspiring film, 'Ten' to show at SHOP last night (appropriately enough on the 10th March).

It chronicled ten seconds of Simon's life for every day of 2010 and the result is a really interesting social document. During discussion after the screening, all those present decided that it had made them want to do the same thing, as it is not often we get to look at our lives quite so objectively. It also by turns made people hungry, want to go to the pub, yearn for summer - and fall in love with Simon's dog!

The first month can be viewed here: and Simon will be showing the film in other small venues throughout 2011, so have a look at the facebook link.

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  1. Thanks for hosting Jayne & Brett. And thanks for your kind words.
    All the best